Pop-Up Sprinkler Head Repair in Alexandria, VA

pop-up Rain Bird sprinkler head repaired by our irrigation contractors in Alexandria VAThe most common call for sprinkler repair in Alexandria we get is to repair pop up heads. When we are talking to clients over the phone, sometimes they can't determine what type of system they have.

That's why we've put together a little primer package on pop up heads. There are three major types of pop up head – the rotary head, the directional spray head and the micro head. Most custom systems are equipped with a combination of all three heads.

The most common pop up head is the rotary type. These heads deliver irrigation through one of two different rotating head systems. The full-circle system delivers a 360 degree radial spray that is best centrally located in a large field of grass. The partial circle heads can be adjusted for ranges between 40 and 36 degrees. These heads are great for use in corners where there is hardscaping so you can adjust the spray to only hit area of vegetation. This will prevent you from wasting water irrigating the concrete!

Let Us Install The Perfect Sprinkler Heads For Your Yard

Mark adjusts a pop-up sprinkler head by hand in Annandale, VirginiaDirectional spray heads have become quite popular in recent years. Rain Bird offers a full line of directional heads that are perfect for use in irregular shaped yards. They allow for precision watering, so there is little to no waste.

These heads can be bought with several nozzle attachments that include full circle, part circle end strip, side strip, center strip, square and adjustable patterns. Using these in areas near planting beds, patios, sidewalks, porches and swimming pools will result in a far more efficient watering system.

Micro heads are almost always used in place of drip lines for spot irrigation. They are great for low pressure applications in specimen beds or gardens. The heads retract into the ground in direct contrast to the irrigation lines that they would replace.

When our sprinkler repair in Alexandria team installs or repairs a sprinkler system, we spend as much time evaluating the pop up heads as we do with the rest of the system combined. A properly fitted system will not only make your lawn look better, it will do it for a lot less money too!

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